I wanna be your dog

I wanna be your dog

TADA projects @ Biennale Gelderland 2016.


Oktober 14 - November 20 2016

Circa...dit. Weerdjesstraat 8 Arnhem



I wanna be your dog


Boris de Beijer

Julia Bünnagel

Mirthe Klück

Riette Wanders


The title of the exhibition refers to a song by The Stooges, which was featured on their debut album, one of the first punk records, in 1969. The song is about surrendering. Surrendering to love, to music, to lust, to drugs, to work, to life.


The artists who show their work in I wanna be your dog, throw themselves wholeheartedly into their work. Surrendering to life as an artist, surrendering to the raw materials.

How obvious the works may look, they have been made in total conviction, technique and control.

The results are quirky, no nonsense and direct.

Interesting is the apparent contradiction between letting go, allowing influences and the precise execution, like some kind of controlled craziness.

The work and the maker are inextricably linked, condemned to each other.

The artists give their lives to the art and get the life they want in return.




-Boris de Beijer www.borisdebeijer.com


-Julia Bünnagel www.juliabuennagel.de


-Mirthe Klück www.mirthekluck.nl


-Riette Wanders www.riettewanders.blogspot.nl