tada gets pretty vacant

TADA gets pretty vacant

August 29th 2015 at 16.00 – 20.00


Code Rood Buitenplaats Koningsweg Koningsweg 23a Arnhem


There's no point in asking, you'll get no reply

Oh just remember I don't decide

I got no reason it's all too much

You'll always find us out to lunch


Pretty Vacant is a Sex Pistols song.

Pretty Vacant is a state of blank, absent-mindedness.

Pretty Vacant is relatively empty.

But honestly, Pretty Vacant is OK.

You need an empty head to create ideas.

You need an empty space to fill it up with work.


So what to do you do when you put 8 artists together in a show?

Dig into their common grounds?

Cough up a trending topic or hipster subject?

Or just be Pretty Vacant and let them hit the stage.

Yes! That’s the way we do it!


A building on the grounds of Code Rood is the place to be.

Set on the compounds of a former German military base surrounded by woods,

this space calls for action, reaction, motion, noise and more.

TADA let them artists loose to throw a punch at the space.

Strip it right down to the bone, Blitzkrieg Bop, Rock the Casbah!

Let the words in, let the lights in, let the stories in, let the colors in.

Who let the dogs out?



Tim Cierpiszewski

Christian Gode

Jasper van der Graaf

Sandrijn van der Horst

Guido Nieuwendijk

Maximilian Rentrop

Marije Vermeulen

Roman Zheleznyak

Make some noise if you’re with us

Tim Cierpiszewski - Windowlicker

Christian Gode - SubMission

Jasper van der Graaf - Untitled

Sandrijn van der Horst - Red Mass

Sandrijn van der Horst - still from Red Mass

Guido Nieuwendijk - Blitz - Ode to the socket

Maximilian Rentrop - Ohne Titel

Maximilian Rentrop - Ohne Titel

Marije Vermeulen - See-through

Roman Zheleznyak - Schwadronen Des Totes

Roman Zheleznyak - Schwadronen Des Totes

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